The improover live.


I find myself observing and thinking a lot about how to changhe things around me.
It’s probably part of my mindset as a designer. Livialein one day told me: you should call yourself ‘the improover’. We laughed and we finally thought it was a good idea. So I am starting to blog some of my list of improvement and also what I have observed in my ongoing research.

Posts that could already fit in this space are the China Street Hacks that were originally posted on weavingknowledge.

(remember the amazing foot-pump powered spray-painter?)

less chairs, more threelloons!


I met Livia in Milan during the recent Milan Design Week. I think she has developed one of the most interesting and surely intriguing project I have seen there.
It is simple, instinctual, challenging and head spinning.
It is simple because it is balloon.
It is instinctual because we all know from childhood what to do with it: you have to blow it up.
It is challenging because it is not what you would expect: it is a balloon with three opening, three nozzles that need to be used synchronously to obtain the inflation.
It is head spinning.

The experience of blowing it up involves listening to your two partners, waiting the right moment, and blowing together. There is no way to get it done without collaboration. An slowly you start to see the faces of your friends through the threelloon, and you know it’s done!
It reminded me of a Korean friend who would always adjust her eating speed to the one of others at the table, so that everybody would finish the meal together. It is a way to truly share the experience, the time, the pauses, the rhythm. The energy.

Livia has organized two workshops during the Milan Design Week.
Both children and adults were enthusiastic  and smiling.

So I suggest: less chairs, more threelloons!
Here is how she describes this work on her own webpage:

A Threelloon is not an ordinary balloon.
It has three nozzles.
That’s why it’s impossible to inflate it by oneself. To do it three people are required .
A simple playful action to test people’s non verbal communication ability and make tangible the instinctual collaborative attitude.

See more pics of the Threelloons and other awesome works on Livia’s website at