Progress is not (always) Innovation

I keep thinking that progress is not innovation.

We always talk, and hear talking, about progress in a positivistic way, but we hardly ever hear what is the real, underlying value of progress.
Are we only looking at monetary values?
Or should we broaden the perspective and consider that progress-is-innovation when it is ‘good’.

But than, again, what is ‘good’?
I think that when we take a systemic perspective, and we consider the links between the value factors, and what happens inside those links, and the result is creating a complex, multiple, and diffuse positive impact we are doing good.

This is where and why Design, il Progetto, is important.
When I design I do not look only at Beauty, or at Function, or at Saleability, or at User, or at Materials, or at Competition. I look at all of this, and more. Than try to come up with a mediation that is a solution. One of infinite possible solution in the mediation area.

Mediation is the area where Design happens and Designers operate.