An environmental art installation.
This intervention is located in one of the most interesting, emotionally and visually powerful place of Kuuskajaskari (FIN), or at least we felt that wondering around the first day and even more the last one.
The shooting range was at the centre of our work, from the beginning we decided to try to change the atmosphere and the perception of the place from its previous military use to a more `social`, public and `enjoyable` one.
The installation regarded two different actions, the first one was to transform the targets to swings made of tires, joining two elements that were laying in the place side by side for many years, and the creation of a bullets-filled sandbox; in the meantime we installed a pattern of trees and branches that we found all around the site and in the near forest on the background hill.
This piece is communicating on two different layers: on a local scale the metamorphosis from army to civil use and the regaining of the place from the nature forces.
On a global view is a strong message against violence and it`s opening up many questions on the theme of war and the influence this has on places and peoples, especially children.
The installation has a very strong architectural character and visual impact also from the distance and is very touching and powerful.
But the border between leisure/army–play/war–peace/war–shooting range/playground
is undefined, and this is giving the chance to an open interpretation and a deep sense of uncertainty.
Project Group with Midori Yamada