The interaction of the three macro-components of our model gives roots to a method for generating and managing innovation through design. If we were to represent this method visually we would project-‘design’-through the central intersection of innovation and management. The resulting footprint (in yellow) is the distilled essence of the mediation process that happens in this composite environment.

What happens in this area? what is our method all about? The model is a process that runs through 7+1 steps: Explore, Discover, Think, Act, Prototype, Evaluate, Implement. This process cannot be really represented through a linear diagram, but more as a system of interactions and iterations.

We will develop and implement this model by: (i)mobilizing knowledge, (ii)creating and maintaining an active network of top-interpreters, (iii) building a feedback/inspiration/ prototype cycle in the process to test assumption and solutions, and (iv) leveraging international/ multi-cultural experiences and resources.