It always seems impossible until its done.

Quite a lot of news from China, but actually from all over the world.
The Rescue-B project, that we have been working on for so long, is now live.
We have incubated the Rescue-B in the inovation studio and now it is being transformed in an independent entity. We are working hard with our partners, engineers, and builder to have ‘number one’ out in the water very soon. The engineering and prototype building, together with the first batch, will be done in Italy, near Bergamo, at Persico.

Since the launch of the website [] we have had a lot of feedbacks and an overwhelming response from rescuers, agencies, and maritime safety experts. We are happy and we are working hard to answer all the questions that came up, while at the same time proceeding to have the boat out as soon as possible.

Visit the Rescue-B website, follow our progress on the Facebook page. But most importantly, let us know what you think!