Excellence and Specialization


I am travelling around Europe to attend trade shows, meet with clients, find new suppliers and breath the air of the north that is usually very refreshing for my brain.

I have seen many new things, lot of innovative efforts, so many products have flooded my eyes.

Than I went out for a walk around the little streets of Amsterdam and one simple thing became clear to me looking at the little shop in the picture. Simplicity, excellence and specialization (and possibly customization) is the real key to innovation in most cases.

This shops sells potatoes. Fried potatoes, french fries, fries or however you call them. Just that.
Amazing fried potatoes, not the frozen one, not burned in black oil, not all of the same shape because they are cut by hand.
Fried potatoes and (here comes the customer) around twenty kind of toppings.

Easy and straightforward. And there is often a waiting line in front of this little hole in the wall.

So let’s look at what we do when we design some~ newness. And let’s ask ourselves what is that we want to sell, and what is that the customer wants. Innovation is not necessarily adding. Subtraction is often a much more difficult choice because we fear we will not satisfy some of our potential customers. But I say, let’s design simple and excellent platforms that we can than customize with varied and diverse topping.